You decide your investment.  Choose one, two or multiple sessions.  All packages are designed  for your success & include:

  • A complimentary 30 minute phone consultation.

  • Introduction to The KonMari Method™ - tidy by category: clothing, books, paper, miscellaneous (komono) & sentimental.

  • Understanding & defining your vision for your home & why it matters.

  • Understanding your "spark joy" meter.

  • Lesson on folding the KonMari™ way.

  • Emphasis on environment kindness - recycling/repurposing/donating & reducing landfill.

  • Total confidentiality & dedication to your success.

  • Email access with your Consultant for 2 weeks after final session.

  1. The number of sessions required to complete all the categories is dependent on your ability to check what sparks joy. Your consultant is trained to keep the process moving along & usually a client's sensitivity to joy rises as they progress through the categories.

  2. Commitment to completing project within the timeframe will always be a high priority. Consultant can provide homework to be completed between sessions to reduce in-home time.

  3. Schedule multiple sessions ahead of time to have access to your preferred day & time. Prepaid packages available with discount.

3 hours = In-home tidying session


Success in Silver Package

4 in-home tidying sessions 


Success in Gold Package

8 in-home tidying sessions


Success in Platinum Package

12 in-home tidying sessions