You decide your investment; one, two or multiple sessions.  All packages are designed  for your success. Tidy Sessions include the following:

  • An introduction to The KonMari Method™'.

  • Defining your vision for your home & why it matters to your success.

  • Understanding what “spark joy” means.

  • Folding lesson so you can make better use of vertical space in your drawers.

  • Emphasis on environment kindness - recycling/repurposing/donating & reducing landfill.

  • Total confidentiality & dedication to your success.

Introductory session/ 4 hours $350.00

Single session/3 hours $300.00


Success in Silver Package -$1080.00

4 sessions/12 tidying hours (Saving $120.00)


Success in Gold Package - $1920.00

8 sessions/24 tidying hours(Saving $480.00)


Success in Platinum Package - $2700.00

12 sessions/36 tidying hours (Saving $900.00)

Not sure what package is right for you?

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We are all unique & have our own talents; mine is working with overwhelmed clients to declutter & reshape their living environments. When you hire me you will have a real woman in your home who has solutions to get you past your clutter. I have empathy for your struggles to get it under control. The new age is to have everything digital but not all of us grew up with life in ‘the cloud’! I understand lots of books, papers, cds, records & photos!

It isn’t about getting rid of everything. It’s about surrounding yourself with stuff that you love. Together we will experience a lot of hard work & have conversations about what you really want to have in your life. It’s empowering to make decisions for the person you are today.

Make this investment in yourself. It will change your life.

Are you ready? Let’s do it!

Vision. Life. Managed.