You decide your investment; one, two or multiple sessions.  All packages are designed  for your success. Tidy Sessions include the following:

  • An introduction to The KonMari Method™'.

  • Defining your vision for your home & why it matters to your success.

  • Understanding what “spark joy” means.

  • Folding lesson so you can make better use of vertical space in your drawers.

  • Emphasis on environment kindness - recycling/repurposing/donating & reducing landfill.

  • Total confidentiality & dedication to your success.

1 session/3 tidying hours $300.00


Success in Silver Package -$1080.00

4 sessions/12 tidying hours (Saving $120.00)


Success in Gold Package - $1920.00

8 sessions/24 tidying hours(Saving $480.00)


Success in Platinum Package - $2700.00

12 sessions/36 tidying hours (Saving $900.00) - best value!

Not sure what package is right for you?

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