Imagine your home as a calm welcoming space where everything has its place.  

  • Your home is ready for entertaining family & friends at a moment's notice. 

  • Your closets contains clothes that complement the life you live today.

  • You feel content when a glance at your bookshelf reveals a special book, a beautiful framed photo or a favourite sculpture picked up on one of your travels.

  • You feel relaxed.  You have carved out time for enjoying life.

  • Your bills are paid on time, your important documents have a safe place, & any papers that need your attention are in one place.  No need to worry.  

  • You park your car in the garage ....... well that could happen too. 

  • You smile. You know you look good.



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Vision. Life. Managed.

As a Certified Konmari™ Consultant, I am trained to guide you through the process of finding your vision for your ideal home style. Working through tidying categories you will keep what is joyful for the life you are living today. Your to-do lists become easily managed. Vision. Life. Managed.

The KonMari Method™ has been featured: 

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